Dr. Julio C Caba uses his experience in sales, management, business development, motivation, personal story, marketing and administration coupled with education in business administration, organizational management, and Industrial-Organizational Psychology to help organizations in . This includes Training, Business Speaking, motivational speaking, the Psychology of the workforce and Business consulting/coaching. 


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Books by Dr. Caba

Tales of an Underdog: From Negative to Positive

Dr. Julio C. Caba was born and raised in one of the worst neighborhoods in New York City at the time. Growing up poor made it difficult for Julio to believe success would ever be possible. As he went through life, Julio continually heard from teachers that he would either be dead or in jail before he reached the age of 18. Believing this narrative, he went down a self-destructive path dropping out of High School. This lead to Julio having three kids from an abusive relationship. Things became worse as the mother of his children left him and the children never to return. With nothing but hopelessness, Dr. Julio C Caba attempted suicide as he did not know how to feed his family. That night it all changed as Julio found his purpose and went on a journey to recreate himself and pave a path of success for his children. Now, Julio has a doctorates degree, founded a mental health agency, and has a successful family. Follow the real story about going from negative to positive in this book that includes pictures, strategies and spoken word poetry.

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Diversity Leadership: The Underrepresentation of Ethnic Minority Leaders from Hispanic/Latinx Backgrounds in United States Organizations.

This is a qualitative research study to find variables other than racism, discrimination, and stereotyping as to why a underrepresentation of Hispanic/Latinx leaders exist in U.S. organizations. Twenty respondents were interviewed for the research. Great research that can be adapted to all ethnic minorities, non-minorities, leadership development, and women leadership.

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Change M.F.C.R. inc a Mental Health & Organizational Psychology agency

Dr.Julio C. Caba and Carolina Alvarez founded Change M.F.C.R. to provide quality counseling to individuals and families using a holistic and humanistic approach to mental healing, assuring that affordable treatment is available to the community in which we serve. With virtual counseling and in person counseling Carolina Alvarez L.M.F.T is able to help individuals and families lead a healthy and productive live by finding the inner power to control ones own life. 

With a doctorate degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology Dr. Julio C Caba and Licensed and family therapist Carolina Alvarez decided to add these services for organizations. Assisting in creating a great culture in the organization to allow the workforce to work better together by conducting events. This coupled with the agencies experience in mental health can provide the organization with tools to take care of their most valuable resource, the workforce. 


Industrial-Organizational Psychology is the Scientific study, specialized knowledge, and training of the behavior of the workplace. Dr. Julio C Caba has created and administer programs that can assist organizations in work place motivation, training and development, workforce behavior, and organizational culture. With a Doctorate in business, real-world experience, and motivational speaking background coupled with our agencies proven therapeutic experience we can  assist the organization in creating a better organizational landscape.

Dr. Caba Specializes in 

Organizational Culture



Workforce Diversity


Workforce Stress



Organizational change

Organizational strategies

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Business/Motivational Speaking


Dr. Julio C Caba uses his story of overcoming major challenges in his life such as homelessness raising three children as a single parent, born and raised in a one of the worse neighborhoods, and lack of education by raising a good family opening businesses, and achieving the highest level of education to motivate and inspire. With a 5 star rating, passion, dramatization, interaction, humor and brick breaking let us quote you next event and motivate your audience.

Business Speaker

Dr. Julio C Caba uses his extensive experience in business, his experience of keynote speaking to the employees of organizations, and his education in business to teach, train and motivate the workforce. From leadership to diversity management Dr. Caba uses activities, research and entertainment to get the message across at your next event. Request a quote today and allow us to make your event something to remember!

Business/Motivational Speaking

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Free consultation 

Being an entrepreneur or owning a business can be difficult to manage. At times hiring a new employee is not an option or the help needed is for a short term project. Dr. Julio C Caba has earned a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degree in business administration and can help support entrepreneurs and businesses in many areas including administration. These programs are designed to support the business you do by providing contracted project-based support. This will allow you to get back to growing your business. The support is contract based and can be used to complete a particular project or ongoing support. Take some time to look over the type of support we provide.

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Dr. Julio C. Caba can be contracted to help entrepreneurs and businesses with all of the back end administrative work that is so important to running your business so you can spend less time working in your business and more time working on your business..
Helping your business with services such as creating the administrative process, data entry, customer support, organizing, and more. He can be used for short-term projects or longer-term support. If you have a new project in which you need support or processes give us a call. The first consultation is always free.


With over twenty years of business experience and education Dr. Julio C Caba can help entrepreneurs and business spend less time working in your business and more time working on your business. Helping entrepreneurs and businesses grow through advice, support, experience, and one on one coaching. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation.


Getting the word out about your products and services is vital for success. Dr. Julio C Caba has experience in being a brand ambassador at events. Using interaction, humor, product knowledge, and sales to assure your product and or services is represented very well. We also use games and the wheel of prizes to make it a great event.

Business Strategy

Dr. Julio C Caba has extensive experience in helping businesses  build strategies. From marketing strategies to administrative strategiese building the right strategy can assist in growth and saving resources. Let us help you build the right strategy for your business and take advantage of the free consultation. 

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"If your not happy at home you will not be happy at work and when your not happy at work it is doubtful you will be happy at home"

-Dr. Julio C. Caba-

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