Dr. Julio C. Caba 

 Julio C Caba uses his experience in sales, management, business development, marketing and administration coupled with education in business administration, organizational management, and Industrial-Organizational Psychology to help organizations in multiple ways. This includes Training, Business Speaking, the Psychology of the workforce and Business consulting/coaching. 


Industrial-Organizational Psychology 

The workforce is one of the most vital components of an organization. They are tasked with executing the organization's vision and mission to reach organizational success. This is why it is crucial to ensure the workforce well being by working with individual behaviors and the behavior of the workforce as a whole. Taking a holistic approach to hiring, training, motivating, employee satisfaction,  decreased job stress, managing, and leading the organization's workforce. This is the main focus of an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist specializing in helping organizations get the best out of and improve their teams.  

For the past 4 years, Julio C Caba has embarked on obtaining his Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Currently, he has reached the candidacy stage of his Doctoral en-devours researching and training in the field of corporate psychology. This coupled with his experience in managing and leading and speaking for multiple organizations in multiple industries gives Julio a unique perspective corporate Psychology. Helping organizations build strategies for the workforce. Julio's current dissertation is based on leadership styles and theories with an emphasis on diversity management.  

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De-stress at your desk

Overcoming workplace stress

A stressed workforce makes for an inefficient workplace. This is the reason why teaching the workforce how to manage stress can enhance the efficiency of the organization. Currently, Dr. Julio C Caba runs a workshop within organizations that help employees learn how to identify triggers that can lead to a stressful work environment. Dr. Julio C Caba can be hired to come to your organization and teach this workshop.

The workshop teaches proven interactive activities that employees can do while at their desk such as

breath it out,

guided imagery,

power rock

Breathing beads

Progressive muscle relaxation

med minute

scaling journaling

and more...

These exercises coupled with motivation can assist in helping the workforce deal with the everyday stresses faced at work. This activities have been used and proven by a mental health agency. The program teaches the workforce how to use these activities from their desk. Assisting the distressing of the workforce and increasing efficiency in the organization. For more information or a quote for this service, please contact us. 

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Workforce Assessment

Understanding the overall health of the teams work culture can have many benefits which included increased revenue and overall efficiency. By using assessments and on-site observation, organizations can understand the current workforce behavior and well-being which can assist in building new strategies to increase workforce cohesion, productivity, organizational culture, and more. 

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Secret Employee

This is a great program for identifying issues in the workforce. We go into the organization as an employee and gain the first-hand observance of the workforce. This two-week program helps the organization identify where improvements in the workforce need to be made. Then it is followed by a detailed repeat of the issues and a strategy that can fix it. The secret employee observation phase is a FREE service for organizations!

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Hiring the right candidate is vital to the success of an organization. Creating the right hiring strategy to get the right candidate in the right position can avoid high turnover and create better efficiency. We help the organization by analyzing the organization's culture and work process to create a strategy which includes interview question that can assist organizations in obtaining the right talent.

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Leadership training

Effective leadership can help the organization manage, adapt, and define the organization. This is because of the role leaders play in the organization as they efficiently guide the workforce and resources to carry out the vision and mission of the organization. This program teaches leadership styles and theories that can assist in developing the organization's leaders. 

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Diversity workforce training

The business environment has become ever more diverse. Organizations adapting to such diversity need to understand the importance of managing its diverse workforce. By using theories an organization can successfully adapt to these changes. Julio's current studies have allowed him to discover new variables that can assist organizations in this change.

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Organizational Efficiency

Organizational efficiency is accomplished with employee satisfaction, work-life balance, and effective workforce management. This factors can be realized with the right strategy and proper assessments. Assuring that the workforce runs efficiently and effectively.

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