Tales of an Underdog

From Negative to Positive

This motivational story can show you what is possible when you find your purpose in life. As a homeless single father of three with no education and no prior history of employment, who could have ever thought my life would become an example of making it and overcoming? Now, that I am 6 months away from my Ph.D. from a G.E.D and owning several businesses, I understand these challenges made me who I am. Take a journey into a tale of a family that found success. With original art and family pictures that put you in the story.

Raising three kids can be difficult. Raising them as an 18-year-old single father with no education and homeless seems impossible. Follow the journey of an 18-year-old boy that was left his three kids to raise as he goes through thoughts of suicide and alcoholism in hopes of becoming who he dreamed to be. Find out how love and support changed everything. Can this family survive and become happy? Or are they doomed to continue the circle? This story has love, action, abuse, and hope as they try to survive!

Currently, I am living a life I could have only dreamed of in the past. Breaking through obstacles on a constant basis. I am a Ph.D. student and in a few months, I will complete my degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I hold a master’s degree, own a mental health clinic, and own a business consulting company. I have been happily married for 10 years and have children attending college. This is what I, as an individual wanted as the success. It’s what I dreamed of as a child. But this is far from how my story started. My success was never meant to be. The fight I had to endure has amazed me as a human. You see statistically, my life was supposed to turn out another way. It is my hope that this story will help others facing hard times or at least motivate my fellow humans to succeed at all cost. The reason I wrote this story is to help others Release the Beast within. It’s possible no matter what situation you are in. Believe me, I know because it’s something I have done.

This book contains real family pictures and graphic art to illustrate the feel of the stories.