Motivational Speaker/Brand Ambassador/ Public Speaker

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Break Through

Brick breaking speech

This speech is coupled with live brick breaking to show your audience the possibilities of the mind.

Underdog Story

Dramatic, passionate, entertaining

Purpose, Courage, Support, Passion

This is the story about how a young man became a single homeless father of three when the mother of the children left him and the kids behind.

Brick Breaking speech

The Underdog Story

This speech is a dramatic play like performance that details the story of the Underdog. The speech entertains and motivates the audience with drama, humor, realism, audience interaction, and visual motion. The audience will go on an emotional roller coaster. Every time this speech is performed people cry, laugh, and become inspired. Join us on this journey of anything is possible! 

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Brand Ambassador

Using my background in sales and motivational speaking help organizations get product and or services out to the public. My team and I show potential clients what your brand is about and teach them how it can help them. Let's talk about your brand and help your organization stand out!

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Pledge of a Cheerleader

This performance highlights how support of others can change lives. This speech is perfect for Fundraisers, Non-For-Profits, and organizations that help others. The story Tales of an Underdog is used with an emphasis on the programs, education, and people that helped a family in strategy. Further, thanking them for what they do and showing them what they are helping to create.

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Follow the Leader

Leadership is a key component for all organizations. This speech highlights multiple leadership styles such as Transformational and Transactional and leadership theories such as the Path-Goal theory. Using interactions and exercises to show how they work in the real-world environment. My background in business and education (Bachelors, Masters and PhD. student) Allow me to teach these leadership styles and Theories.

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Change Starts with I

This speech features the 20 principles of thrive that helped me overcome the obstacles faced on the road to success. These principles highlight all of the vital components that can help people facing adversities and need to change the situation they are in.

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Build a Leader/Team Tribe  Challenge

Leadership and team building is a vital part of organizational efficiency. Leaders need to understand how to best lead its followers in order to maximize the organization's resources. This is why we offer a build a leader/team challenge that will use games, leadership theory, motivational speaking,  and fun to show employees the difference between two types of leadership styles and how they can improve the organization's leadership process and team cohesion. Julio C Caba uses his Industrial-Organizational Psychology Training,  motivational speaking experience, and       organizational leadership experience to teach your employees.

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