Training and Development

Training and developing employees, staff or leaders is vital for the organizations bottom line. assuring they understand as much as possible will help them exceed in any industries. With my educational background and real life experiences of over 18 years coupled with my experience in Public Speaking i can help. This service is provided for organizations and educational institutions. allow me to speak to you about how I can help you. Below you will find the subjects of training I can provide.


Sell it! Use the Story

With  over 18 years of selling experience and leading a salesforce I have learned a thing or two about closing the deal. This training will show your sales force great techniques to get it sold! With real life stories and proven sales strategies i am able to explain the best way to make the sale. My experience in sales include many industries from car dealership's to mental health services.

Leaders need Followers!

Currently I am finishing my PhD in Industrial and Organizational psychology with a concentration on leadership. This training provides real life experiences interaction, leadership styles and leadership theories. These theories include Transactional, transformational, and Path-Goal Theory.  

Diversity Leadership!

Technology and Globalization has made diversity an important subject in the business environment. Using Theories, case study, and research to explain and train in diversity management. This is becoming one of the most prevalent issues that with the proper training can help institutions and organizations.