Business Coaching​

Starting a small business and or running a small business can be tough. Sometimes as business owners we need some support and experience to create strategies that will help you move to the next step. With my experience in starting and managing businesses,  I can help in guiding you on the road to success. I have been coaching individuals and business in many different industries. Below I have listed the areas in which I can help coach you and or your organization. I hope to speak to you soon.

Coaching Services

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Business Start up

Opening a new business can be scary. Many factors to think and plan for. From incorporating to marketing and even organization the right assistance will allow you to focus on your idea. Coaching individuals towards the completion of a dream is a reward with in itself.

Marketing Coaching

Marketing can be one of the most resource consuming steps that can take time to figure out. Surprisingly many strategies excite that are very cost effective. Learning how to implement and measure such activities can be very valuable. Let me help develop and implement marketing strategies that will help you grow.

Sales Coaching

Any and all organization need to perform sales in one way or another. It is the where the business begins its life cycle. Having a sales strategy can help automate the sales process and help your business grow. A business should create a sales strategy that fits it's potential clients, products, and services.

Organizational Management

Whether starting, growing, or ongoing a business must be organized. Failure to do so will cost the business money and even survival. It is important to build management strategies that will keep the business on track. I coach you in building these strategies and teach you what systems will make it easier to keep these management strategies.

Customer Service Coaching 

Great customer service equals sales. This is why a business needs to assure its strategies to deal with customers is vital. What will you do when the customer is not happy? How will you handle questions? I can coach and help you build the right strategies to give the best client service possible.

Technology Coaching

Technology has come a long way. As a business using technology can be very beneficial. Making the managing of certain parts of the business cost effective and efficient. The great news is most of these technology are free if you know where to look., I can help you figure out which technologies are needed and how to get them.

Social Media Coaching

Social media is the way of business in these days. Figuring out the correct content and strategist on when and how to distribute the content is something I c an help you with. Iv helped many businesses with social media content with successful results.

Public Speaking & Branding Coaching

Getting the name of the business out into the world is very important. Public speaking and brand awareness can give the business the jump it needs. As a brand ambassador and public speaker I can help you with your message and strategy.