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Thank you for visiting my site, because it was built for you. My name is Julio C Caba and on this site you will find my experiences in businesses and skills in hopes of  earning the  the opportunity to assist you. First, let me take this time to give you some background information about me. I have owned several business and worked in many industries. I am passionate about business and have a passion for  helping others succeed. When I realized how much I loved business I went back to school to obtain my bachelor's degree in business. I followed my education by obtaining my masters degree in organizational management. I still felt I needed to learn more about business and decided to continue my education and currently finishing my PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology which allows me to help organizations with its most important asset, its employees. The reason I have disclosed this information is to show you that I have the education and experience to help small businesses grow in many ways. From sales to administration, I have experience in all levels of business. Please, take some time to look over my experiences below and see how I can help you and your organization. Thank you for taking the time to view my profile and I hope to speak to you soon.

Yes, I speak Spanish and English

Background and Experiences

Resume overview


Automobile sales

My professional career started in a used car store. Selling cars was never part of the plan but wanted to try something new. After just the first week of sales I realized sales was a big part of my skill set. I began to sell many vehicles shortly becoming the top salesman in any dealer I worked for. As I became recognized in the industry for moving cars fast I began to get offers to manage sales floors. With my understanding of the sales process I was able to help the dealerships grow eventually becoming the General sales manager of 4 stores. Sales has always been a prime skill of mine that I love to do. I learned a technique that can make anybody a great sales person in almost any industry. Sales is one if not the most important part of any industry.


I wanted to learn more about other industries as my mission was to become well rounded and knowledgeable of business as a whole. I signed up for insurance school and obtained my 220 insurance license. This lead to many successes as I used my concept of selling and great customer service to excel and become one of Florida top agents. It was a joy to help consumers find the products that fit them and further my understanding of business. This industry taught me how to organize, service clients properly, and new sales techniques. Working on protecting peoples of assets at times in the millions gave me an appreciation for helping people in ways that will continuously have them coming back for more. This industry also helped me realize that my sales and managing techniques work as I was able to succeed in yet another industry.

Marketing and Business Development

I continued my quest on learning everything I could about business. Marketing and business development is vital part of getting business in the doors. I began to do outside marketing and business development for every organization I worked for. Learning different techniques to get the word out about the products my organization sold. This helped me gain another piece of knowledge on how to help organizations succeed. Growing the book of business and the bottom line. As a result I was one of the first car salesman and insurance agent to model the new strategies of marketing others in the industry to send my organization clients. Furthermore creating outside marketing and development strategies that work.

Organizational Management and Business Basics

It was now important to understand the most efficient and organized way to manage an organization. This would allow me to help organizations in all aspects of the day to day. I steamed ahead and finished my Masters degree in Organizational Management and gained knowledge and experience in organizing organization from top to bottom. allows organizations to save money and build revenue. It also helped me understand the steps needed to build a great organization. These skills mixed with the real world work experience allows me to start, organize, and manage an organization. Getting the perfect formula together for organizational success.

Business Building and Basics

Using all of the skills learned over the years I began to build businesses in different industries. My first business was in the insurance industry as I built on of the most successful agencies in the district. This lead to the opening of several other businesses from scratch. With this new found skill I began to help people build businesses as well as helped businesses grow in marketing, organization, training, sales and more. With a formula that continues to work building and managing businesses as a contractor has become my business. This past year tested my skills as I helped open a business in a industry I new nothing about, mental health. Change M.F.C.R is now successfully helping individuals daily and has become proof of my formula helping a business grow. Check them out

Digital Marketing and Social Media

The business environment has changed and technology is vital to organizational success. This is why I have taken time to learn many aspects of digital marketing and social media. I have used this skill to help organizations with digital content, website optimization, and website building. This has become a major part of my formula to organizational success.

Industrial Organizational Psychology

Since education has been key to my professional success, I have furthered my obtainment of knowledge. I am a couple a months away from finishing my PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology. This field is helping me understand the Psychology of employees with in the workplace. Learning how to motivate and create a great work culture. I have learned leadership, diversity management, work conflict, and organizational culture. This with my past experience allows me to train individuals and or organizations in all of these subjects. It also allows me to identify problems that need to be fixed in a organization and create a strategy to help. Employees are a organizations most important asset and understanding them is key.

Public Speaking

Public speaking has become a great way to teach and communicate. It has allowed me to help organizations get the organizational message and teach employees about leadership. I have been able to help sales organizations in representing there brand. This past year I was honored to be the brand ambassador for many companies and helping them communicate there product to consumers. Public speaking has completed the knowledge base needed in order for me to help organizations.